Insurance Inspection Services

Our insurance inspections adhere to the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics established by InterNACHI, the internationally recognized authority on inspection standards. Each of our inspection services will include a detailed digital report loaded with expandable, hi-res photos to accompany the inspectors comments, assessments, and explanations.

Every report includes the option to utilize the Create Request List feature, which is a time-saving tool that allows our client to easily create a project list from the summary items that they choose with just a few clicks.

Wind Mitigation Inspection

It is important for any Florida homeowner to have a Wind Mitigation Inspection conducted for several reasons.  Installing Wind Mitigation features can qualify you for credits with your insurance company which will save you a substantial amount of money on your premium.  Protecting your home from the intense windstorms common in Florida can also keep your family safe. We will inspect the protective features of your home for functionality and proper installation, as well as recommend additional measures.

Starting in 2003, Florida insurance companies were required to offer credits and discounts to homeowners who implement wind damage or loss reducing techniques, but they require a Wind Mitigation Inspection. All Around Inspections specializes in Wind Mitigation Inspections to serve Florida homeowners with the necessary procedure for accessing insurance credits and achieving peace of mind.

During a Wind Mitigation Inspection, we will inspect:

  • Exterior openings protection
  • Roof coverings (Must meet FBC Requirements)
  • Roof deck
  • Roof to wall attachments
  • Water barriers
  • Roof to foundation anchors

All Around Inspections is the premiere Wind Mitigation Inspector in South Florida and look forward to helping you save money on your insurance premium year after year!

South Florida Four Point Inspection

Four Point Inspection

A Four Point Inspection is also often necessary for obtaining or renewing a homeowners insurance policy, especially for homes that are over 25 years old.  Four Point Inspections focus on four major systems or components of a home:

  • Roof
  • Plumbing system
  • Electrical system
  • HVAC system

We will inspect these elements of your home to determine the general condition and approximate age and work with your insurance provider to address any specific requirements, which can vary between insurance providers.

South Florida Roof Certification

Roof Certification

As one of the most important features on a home, it is important for homeowners to be aware of the condition of their roof and any maintenance that it may need in order to keep your family safe and dry.  A roof certification is a statement from a qualified roof inspection professional which verifies the condition of the roof, its estimated lifespan, and its meeting of FHA standards.  All Around Inspections offers thorough and accurate Roof Inspections and Roof Certifications, so you can trust your roof to do its job in any type of weather.  We inspect multiple components of your roofing structure from inside the attic to the roof edge and top. Your inspection report will include details regarding:

  • Roof age
  • Roof shape
  • Type of roof coverings
  • Type and condition of roofing materials
  • Leak Report
  • Visible damage report


Put our expertise to work for your next insurance inspection so that you can sleep at night and save money!  Request the insurance inspection you require from All Around Inspections today!


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